Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin

elsewhere by zevin Pictures, Images and Photos

It's 12:37 AM. This book was delivered today, I started reading it at 9:30 PM, I finished it 7 minutes ago.


The most beautiful, lyrical, poignant story of an afterlife that I have ever read. Liz, the main character in the book, dies in a traffic accident shortly before her 16th birthday and awakens to find herself on a cruise ship to Elsewhere. Once there, she learns that she will age...backwards...until she is sent off as a baby to be born into a new life.

The story of who she meets, how she chooses to live the rest of her "life," what happens to the folks back home, and even the roles our pets play holds you until the very end. And along the way you are hit...hard...with the knowledge and awareness of what an amazing gift and beautiful mess our time here on Earth truly is.

Read this book.

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