Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 Reading Challenges and Weekend Update

Hi everybody, hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I am officially on vacation until Sunday (yay!!) and just got back from Vegas where I got to go to my grandson's Baptism and birthday party. Here's a pic of my little guy in his suit. I had SO much fun with him...he can operate a cell phone better than a lot of adults I know (he knows exactly how to get to the Spongebob apps) and he sings along with the songs on the radio. He is a big Bruno Mars fan, it is the cutest thing in the world to hear him singing "Billionaire" (he skips the word "frickin" and just sings "sooo bad.) I miss him so much already!!!!!

And here's a pic of me with my beautiful girls...we went out dancing til 3 AM at the Aliante where my son-in-law and his band Vol.1 were celebrating their one year anniversary of playing there. Such a busy weekend and so many things to celebrate!!!

Anyway, on to bookish news....I think I am all finished choosing which challenges I want to take part in this year. Two are hosted by Book City Chick. I would have signed up for the Horror and Urban Fantasy one even if I wasn't a fan just so I could put that gorgeous button on my blog! And I had already decided I wanted to read 100 books this year so might as well make it official with the challenge =)

I'm also signed up for The Story Siren's 2011 Debut Author Challenge. I signed up for this one last year and didn't quite finish it, but I most definitely plan to this year.

I have also signed up for a Steampunk challenge

Steampunk challenge

and last but not least, an Immortals After Dark challenge

Ok....I think that covers it!!! What reading challenges have you all signed up for?? Any other ones I should include on my list??

**I will announce the winner of the Reading Resolutions giveaway tomorrow!**


Missie said...

OMG Angelique,

Your little grandson is too cute. And I bet it is so cute to hear him singing long to Bruno Mars.

I still don't believe those are you daughters, but if you say so. ;)

Good luck with your challenges.

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

Oh he is SO cute.

Chica I can not get over how fabulous and young you are! I can't believe those are your girls!

Nice challenges. I'm doing an eBook challenge.

BooksforCompany said...

Your grandson is adorableeee!!
I agree with Missie, l can't believe they are your daughters!
Lovely pictures =)

Kristi said...

What a cute little man! I love the photos...you and your daughters are gorgeous!

Thanks for sharing, and look at you and all those reading challenges! You go girl!!!

Midnyte Reader said...

Good luck with your challenges. I'm also doing the Horror and UF one. Here is the post of the other challenges I'm doing. I'm trying to keep it short, but I may be tempted to join another one before the year is through.